Niche Research and Keyword Research

Niche Research and Keyword Research



How do you find out the problems that your potential clients have? Hang out where they hang out. Read what they read. Watch what they watch.




For example, you can:

  • go to related forums. This is where they not only hang out for fun, but also help each other out;
  • go to related YouTube channels. See what your competition is doing;
  • look for related Facebook groups;
  • check out blogs that are devoted to the subject. You’d be surprised at how many niche blogs are out there!


For an example, let’s say that you’ve chosen the Rift niche. This is a huge computer game that has over a million players.

First, check out the game’s main website. Do this by going to Google and search for “Rift game”. Look around, figure out the main idea of the game, and just learn.

Now, go to YouTube. Use the search function to look for something like “Rift game strategies”, or “Rift game tips”. These will bring up videos to watch and help you understand the game even better.

To find forums, go into Google and search for “Rift forums”. You’ll find a few that you can check out to learn more about the game. People will be asking each other questions and providing answers based on their own experiences.

Look on Facebook for a Rift group (or several). Join any of the ones that you find – chances are they’ll have regular updates, screenshots, and more about the game.


Do you see what you’re doing?Hand writing Keywords with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

You want to think how your potential clients think! You should be asking yourself the same kinds of questions, and then finding the answers on YouTube and forums.


Without knowing the problems that people have, how can you expect to help solve those problems for them?

Once you’ve learned a lot about your market, including the problems they have and how to solve them (aka the product you’re promoting), it’s time to find some good keywords.

The good news about keyword research is that if you’ve already done niche research, you’re almost done!
What you’ll find is that a lot of the keywords people are typing into Google and YouTube are about helping them with their problems.


For example, let’s talk more about the Rift computer game. In that game, one of the character classes is called a Mage. You would have learned about this (as well as other game terminology) when you started your niche research.
If you go into the Google Keyword tool and enter “Rift mage”, a lot of relevant results will come up:




As you can see, a lot of them pertain to tips, PVP tips, and builds. These are going to be good keywords to target, so they will ultimately be the titles of your videos.
They also give you a good idea on what to make your videos about. You can make one video on Mage PVP builds, another on Mage PVE builds, etc.

These keywords that people search for will also be the tags you use for your video. Tags help YouTube identify what the video is about, so you want lots of relevant tags in there.

Besides just video titles, these keywords will also be used to help you determine article titles. When you start submitting articles to sites like ArticlesBase, Scribd and Squidoo, the better your keywords, the more targeted traffic you’ll get.




Once you’ve got your keywords, let’s go set up your website.

How you set up your website depends on what you’re trying to do.


Are you promoting a product as an affiliate? If so, buy your own domain, put it on your own hosting account, and then build a squeeze page to build a list.
Are you trying to promote your own product? If so then your video is going to ultimately point to either your sales page or a squeeze page.
Are you just trying to brand yourself? Maybe you’ll just set up a blog, and have your videos point readers to your blog.


Whatever you’re trying to do, I HIGHLY recommend not using free websites like or Instead, purchase a domain and put it on a hosting account like HostGator or BlueHost.

Then, install WordPress, the blogging platform. WordPress is EXTREMELY flexible and easy to use, and you can do just about anything with it! Squeeze pages, sales pages, blogs – and everything in between.

The reason I recommend doing this over using free websites is simple, you have control. If you build up your business on a free service like Blogger, they can shut down your entire business anytime they feel like it!


Make sense? 🙂